Aachen is in a fortunate situation in more than one way.

Aachen is in a fortunate situation in more than one way. European thinking and lifestyle have a long tradition in Aachen where the three countries of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet. It is also conveniently located with regard to transport facilities in the direction of Brussels, Paris and Antwerp. Moreover, it can easily be reached by train as well. The airports of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Maastricht-Aachen and Brussels are only a stone’s throw away.

Aachen is embedded in an attractive landscape. Just outside the city, sceneries rich in forests, meadows and hills impress their visitors. The frontier crossing wildlife park Nordeifel / HohesVenn-Eifel for example appeals to everybody. Moreover, the neighbouring Dutch region of Limburg is worth an excursion at any time. Near the border of the city tourists can visit the intersection of the three countries Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium - which is also the highest elevation of the Netherlands.

Traffic in Aachen

The mobilization information centre Aachen (Mobilitätsberatung) would like to help you to make the right decision for travelling. Information about busses and trains in Aachen and the suburbs are available at online service Busspur of the ASEAG or at:

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